Reach and Teach, San Mateo, CA 9-24-2016

Orinda Books, Orinda, CA  6-10-2016

Book launch for Remembering the Days that Breathed Pink, San Francisco, Ca 03/11/2016

Tereza Joy Kramer

M. Terry Bowman

Tina Gibson

Lorena Borello and Nicole Borello

Alexandra Mattraw

Raina J. León

Heather June Gibbons

Della Watson

Lorena and Nicole from Quaci Press

Poets/Writers/Songwriters that could not make the book launch because they lived out of the area but who contributed to the book: Karen An-hwei Lee, Amber Nelson, Valerie Witte, Ché Zuro, Tisa Adamson, Abigail Welhouse, Amber Husar, Stella Padnos-Shea, Sarah Chavez, Erika Peterson, Ileana Shevlin, and Laura Madeline Wiseman.

The Big Idea Bookstore, Pittsburgh, PA  4-4-2014

Karen Lillis, Nicole Borello and Renee Alberts