Beyond the Rainbow

Most people don't know, but I'm two steps away from

Frances Farmer. Ready to slap the hairdresser, kick

the cameraman, drive drunk, flip people off just for

existing. My skin is falling off inside this mental home,

but inside my mind, my own private asylum, I'm tired

of being a girl, tired of being a hand mirror with cracks.

My feet swell from standing in glamorous shoes. I have

a vision that I'm in the corner of the room, and I run really

fast, jump up and kick him in the throat with my stilettos.

No sympathy, no apologies—just seeing his face absent

in color, his throat opening with blood. Charlie? Can I tell

you something? Not everyone loves a good girl. Read my skin.

Author Bio:

Nicole Borello is the author of Fried Fish and Breast Milk (dancing girl press, 2013). Delirium of the Deflowered (Quaci Press, 2013). The Little Book of Why Women Treat Other Women Badly (Quaci Press, 2021). Her work has appeared in Thick With Conviction, Decompression, Rag Queen Periodical, and Shot Glass Journal. She is the editor and founder of Quaci Press.

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