We assume their gestures are genuine and we open our hearts and feelings. We tell them our deepest secrets, personal stories, our likes and dislikes, our hurts and disappointments. Then they run wild with our innermost feelings. Now they have something to gossip about. Now they have something to hold against us if we ever have a quarrel. These are the ones that are nice to your face and then stab you in the back. If they gossip to you, they gossip about you. If they constantly judge others, they’ll judge you. They love to air your dirty laundry any chance they get. These are not men. These are women.

This little book will address what women do and say to each other, why they may do it, sample stories and writing exercises at the end for women to jot down their thoughts and feelings about why they judge other women.

Author Bio:

Nicole Borello is the author of Fried Fish and Breast Milk (dancing girl press, 2013). Delirium of the Deflowered (Quaci Press, 2013). One Night with Charles Spencer Chaplin (Quaci Press, 2021). Her work has appeared in Thick With Conviction, Decompression, Rag Queen Periodical, and Shot Glass Journal. She is the editor and founder of Quaci Press.

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