Quaci Press

Quaci, pronounced (kwatchee), means “kicks,” and is from a southern Italian dialect. Poet Bruno Pelaggi (September 15, 1837-January 6, 1912) from Serra San Bruno, Italy wrote his poetry in this dialect. Quaci was taken from one of his poems.

Founder and Editor: Nicole Borello

Born in Pittsburgh and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Nicole Borello is the author of Fried Fish and Breast Milk, published by Dancing Girl Press. Her first full-length book of poetry, So What If I Bleed, was a finalist in both the International Book Awards and USA Book News “Best Books” Award.  She currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and son.

Contributing Editor: Lorena Borello

Lorena Borello is an Italian and Spanish Professor at USF, University of San Francisco, California. She was born and raised in Italy, lived in Spain and in the United States. She completed her Master’s degree in Foreign Languages and Cultures at Università degli Studi di Tor Vergata, Roma, in 2010, following her Bachelor Degree in Foreign Languages and literature in 2007. Lorena will be reading and choosing the Spanish/Italian manuscripts.

Artwork by Anna Borello

Anna Borello is a graphic artist, photographer and web designer. She completed her Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design at Accademia delle Belle Arti di Roma in 2012 and has a degree in photography.